How to Set up Bluetooth on Windows 10 Reliable IT Security & Support

November 17, 2022 | Tags: Windows

Maybe you need to capture an app or web page to show someone else how to use its interface. Perhaps, you need to screenshot an excerpt from an article and post it to social media, with the relevant parts highlighted, to make a point. Or there could be a picture online or in one of your programs somewhere you just can’t save any other way.

Most people will do just fine off sticking with the OS, hardware drivers, and utility software that their PC was designed to use. Microsoft has achieved its goal of trying to simplify the top-level Windows UX, but at the cost of functionality which many consider essential to their workflows. Finally, the Groove Music app has been updated with a new name and new features. It’s now called Media Player, and is doing double duty as a music and video player now. It’ll play local video and audio files, just like the classic Windows Media Player app used to do. Previously, “Groove Music” was just for audio files, with local video files being delagated to the Movies & TV app.

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You’ll find the ISO file in the location you saved it. If you’re currently shopping for a new PC on Huawei Consumer BG website look for“Free upgrade to Windows 11” on the specifications. You can also refer to our supported computer lists for a list of tested systems or contact Huawei Customer Service Center for more details. With tools that help transfer preferences and apps that teach you what’s new, Windows 11 lets you start how you want.

  • Go to Start – Settings – Update & Security – Windows Update – Check for updates.
  • You can check the details by clicking See all results.
  • The annotated snaps can highlight the software error or bugs you have experienced.

Or select to restore your settings from a previous installation. Alternatively, you can mount the ISO in File Explorer to launch a clean install or in-place upgrade on a device with the operating system already installed. Windows Update may also include updates for drivers, but these might be optional installs. If the device is missing one or multiple drivers, you may be able to download them from Windows Update. After the installation, you should download any available system and driver updates and confirm that Windows 11 is properly drivers activated.

How can I download and install Bluetooth on Windows 10?

Just follow the prompts that you see and your system will eventually finish reinstalling Windows 10. It will, in fact, download the nvidia drivers download update itself. We’ll be able to work with the system while the download progresses, and we’ll be able to view the progress of the download in the assistant window.

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Then, place the device back into pairing mode and try adding it again. Are you having trouble pairing your Bluetooth speaker, headset, printer, or other device with your PC? This wikiHow article will teach you how to connect any Bluetooth device to your Windows 10 or Windows 11 laptop or desktop computer. We’ll even help you troubleshoot any connection problems that arise along the way.