How to View Recently Updated Windows Drivers

November 28, 2022 | Tags: Windows

If you find newly installed applications causing the error, you should uninstall them immediately and see if the error still persists. If you aren’t sure of the drivers, look for devices that have yellow exclamation marks next to them. If you don’t have a third-party antivirus program installed on your PC, use the built-in Windows Defender.

Driver Booster offers some useful tools to fix common Windows issues effectively. As a network admin, I prefer the PowerShell method which is free and easy to replicate. I can run the PS script on any no. of systems remotely resulting in desirable consequences for all the hosts. Then it will calculate the free space, you can have in C drive.

Using Driver Booster

This leaves you with no direct point and click option to see the old or hidden drivers. Its back-up, maked by some driver back-up software. In case reinstalling Windows, all info on disc “c”, will be deleted.

  • You can check the date of the last graphics driver update in Device Manager.
  • In addition to the required path property, you can optionally specify a type for a hostPath volume.
  • It is Your responsibility to periodically check ourPrivacy Policyfor any updates.
  • Consult the manufacturer’s website to determine whether your laptop’s RAM is changeable.

After they switched to a USB 2.0 flash drive (or inserted the USB Drive into a USB 2.0 slot), the BIOS update worked. You can then press the BIOS flash button on your motherboard to update it. If you still notice any game-related trouble, don’t hesitate to check a complete article about how to fix your PC if it keeps crashing while gaming. There, you’ll be able to find some useful instructions on how to verify your activated version and some tools you can use to keep your BIOS up to date in proper conditions.

It will list down all the programs installed on your computer. You may notice that over time, the folder begins to increase more and more and will fill the disk space. Now under the User variables box, click on New and type devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices in the Variable Name text box & 1 in the Variable Value box.

Release Notes

If you are not comfortable doing this, please do not attempt this process. If you have leftover Control Panel entries relating to old hardware, you can use TweakUI to locate the files involved and then delete them by hand. First, check for intermittent connections on your audio and mains cables. The latter, in particular, can cause nasty crackles if there’s a loose wire inside the mains plug. If the interface sounds completely clean on headphones, the chances are you’ve got a ground loop (see my feature on ‘Computer Audio Problems’ in SOS November 2004 for how to deal with this).

“Bill would require motorists to unhand their phones.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In 2012, 3,328 people were killed in distraction-related crashes. In 2013, 3,154 people were killed in distraction-related crashes.

And since we’re doing things manually, take a look at updating Windows manually. After completing the steps above, your device’s driver is successfully updated. You may need Driversol to restart your PC for any changes to take effect fully, however. Click the Browse button and navigate to the location of the driver installation files.